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‘SWEET’, a very pleasant, lovable, sensational tasty and multi meaningful word used sensibly in materials and expressions. On various small and grand occasions innumerable kids of sweets enhance the pleasure of the situation. Sugar and Jaggery are two basic items essential for preparing any variety of sweet dishes. When tasty and nutritious original dry fruit, ghee etc are added in basic items, the delicacy increases.

About Kalburgi's Karadant

Gokak is highly industrial town situated on the banks of river Ghatprabha and Markhandeya in Belgaum Dist., Karanatak (India). The majestic Gokak falls is just 5 kms away from Gokak that has the credit of first ever hydro electricity generating unit in Asia long back before 1880.

The unique sweetmeat “‘KALBURGI’S KARADANT'” is attached to the name of city so much that, whenever outsiders listen the word Gokak, fondly they say” Gokak-kardant” so pleasantly or say ‘KALBURGI’S KARADANT’ but the localities still say Dip-Dundappa Karadant, because they know late Shri Dundappa Kalaburgi is the pioneer of this unique sweetmeat. Since 1926 Late Shri Dundappa Kalaburgi’s family of Gokak is involved in preparing KARADANT, with genuinely nutritious dryfruits.

‘KALBURGI’S KARADANT’ contains absolutely genuine ingredients. Jiggery, the basic item is manufactured very specially in some units in Kolhapur ( Maharashtra ) by a very few experts which is fair in color and gummy. The other ingredients consist, top quality cashew nuts (Kaju), Dry grapes (manuka), Almonds (Badam), Dry dates ( Khajur), Peanuts(Pista), Cashew seeds (koar beej), Copra (dry coconut), conventionally prepared ghee, edible gum (unt) and many more dry fruits & spices. Our unique quality of Kalaburi’s karadant is that it does not contain any artificial edible flavors or colors.


Kardant uses are manifold. As it contains only genuine nutrients, it is considered as a tonic to mind and body. Especially during pregnancy and post delivery Kalaburgi’s karadant is prescribed to compensate the anemic condition of the mother. It also helps in proper development of the child, because of proteins and vitamins present in it. Common or special parties, the presence of Kalaburgi’s Karadant makes the moment very memorable. Marriage parties, festivals or at any function serving Kalaburgi’s Karadant brings smiles on faces. Especially, body builders and health conscious people use it regularly as a recommended diet.

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The other ingredients in this yummy sweet are fried bengal gram flour, jaggery and seeds of marking-nut (commonly known as “ballataka”).

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